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Marisa Barrier and her new Jeep Cherokee. Thanks for the business and enjoy the most advanced vehicle in its class!


Congratulations Betty Boyert on your new Dodge Durango. Great to meet you Daniel and looking forward to when you trade trucks next!


Allen  & Dawn Glick of New Bloomfield picking up their new Ram 4 x 4 on Veterans Day. Thanks for your business and thank you Allen for your service to the Nation.


John & Karla Elam of Kirksville with their new Dodge Grand Caravan. Thanks a lot for your business!


Charles Wren picks up his Jeep Wrangler Ghost Edition.


The Corbett Family gives a new Jeep Wranger to Grandpa. Happy Birthday Curt!


Rebecca Rone and her new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Enjoy it Rebecca and Congratulations on your engagement!


Marvin and Terry Perrigo with their Ram 1500 Laramie. Thanks for the business folks, you were an absolute delight to deal with.

1185690_263667163758185_1354138560_n (1)

Roy Wheeler and his new 2014 Ram 1500 Bighorn. Thank you for your business Roy and your 21 years of service to our nation!


Pat Aleshire picking up his son Justin’s new car; a beautiful 2000 Lincoln LS. Enjoy Justin!


Ebby Varghese and his new Jeep Grand Cherokee


Dennis and Pam Jacobi of Mexico with their new Jeep Commander


Brian Leer of Hallsville with his new Ram Truck


Chris Beahm of Columbia and his new 2011 Dodge Nitro


Clyde & Patricia Ditto of Boonville and their new Dodge Grand Caravan


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